I’m glad God didn’t answer my Prayers!

Have you ever wanted to ask God if He’s listening? Yeah, me too! I have a lot of prayers that seem to be “out there” floating around. It’s easy to get discouraged in our prayer life. When we were children, we would ask our parents for all types of things and we would normally get a response, if not immediately, definitely by the second or third time we asked. Sometimes we didn’t like the answer but at least we got it. Sometimes we had to do some extra chores to get what we wanted but at least we knew! Why can’t God be more like that?!

If I think about some of my “unanswered” prayers that are somewhere out there, I would love to pull them back down! If some of my old “unanswered” prayers were answered the way I wanted them to be when I prayed them, I’d be in a mess now.

I have often heard that God answers our prayers in three ways –

A. Yes

B. Not Yet

C. I have something even better for you

I can easily relate to these three response. God has said yes to many of my prayers, God has said Yes to my prayers but has made me wait for them and God has certainty given me “better” than what I have prayed in many situations.

Thinking back now, I am so thankful for these answers and that He knew/knows what I wanted/needed even more than I did/do.

Even so, it’s still easy to sometimes get weary in our prayer life.

Last night, we watched the movie, “An interview with God”.  Not only did we both manage to stay awake for the entirety, we both thought it was great, which equals 4 stars in our book! The movie touched on prayer, free will, why bad things happen to good people and the purpose of life among other topics. There was one line at the end that really caught my attention and I’ll need to paraphrase since my google search has come up unsuccessful. Paul the journalist that interviewed God but had kind of lost his way said, ” I still prayed, but maybe I stopped listening, maybe I stopped looking”.  This seemingly was in response to something God said earlier, which was “Maybe you’re the miracle”.

I encourage you to keep praying, pray even more and not to get weary in the waiting. Maybe you’re going to get exactly what you want, but He’s still putting those pieces together. Maybe you wont get what you have been praying for, maybe He’s setting up something even better!

I am thankful for answered prayers and thankful for the “even better’s” I have received and I trust that He is working everything else out for my good too!